The Cancer Prevention Forum took place on Sunday, February 4th, 2024, for the occassion of World Cancer Day. The event raised awareness about different types of cancer and ways to prevent them. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from presentations focused on prevention strategies for skin, breast, and lung cancer.

Clinicians, researchers, and policymakers shared valuable insights in the field of cancer prevention, and networked with attendees. As part of the event, participants received free access to The Olympic Museum. Overall, the event was well-received and offered valuable knowledge and insights into cancer prevention.

A video with the main highlights of the event can be found here:


Gian-Paolo Dotto
The Cancer Prev Institute: Pioneering cancer prevention in society

Founder Cancer Prev Institute; University of Lausanne; MGH, Boston, USA

Sabine Werner
Seamless synergy: SKINTEGRITY.CH bridges disciplines for the benefit of patients

ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Uli Osterwalder
Sunscreens can prevent skin cancer

ISO TC/217 Cosmetics, Switzerland

Cathrin Brisken
The contraceptive pill and increased breast cancer risk

EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland; ICR, London, UK

Siobhán Freeney
Building Relationships – Public and Patient Involvement in Research

Patient advocate, European Lobular Breast Cancer Consortium

Anthony Howell
Pharmacological prevention of breast cancer

University of Manchester, UK

Luciano Ruggia
Smoking at the global and European Level

Swiss association for tobacco prevention

Wanda De Kanter
Hercules and the 12 headed snake (hydra)

Youth Smoking Prevention; Netherlands Cancer Institute, the Netherlands

Manu Mathur
E Cigarettes: A smoking cessation aid or a public health threat??

Queen Mary University of London, UK

Paul Opoku
Cancer prevention in different cultures

Executive Director, African Cancer Organization