Why become an iCPI member?

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Be part of a local network of like-minded people and connect to a broad community with the same goals.

Get access to education and training, for both experts and students.

Amplify your voice locally to increase awareness on cancer prevention worldwide

How to become a member?

Drop us a line to get in touch!

Patrons: Financial support

Active members: meaningful engagement in CancerPrev Institute activities (see below)

Junior members: Possibility to undertake endeavors with support of the CancerPrev Institute

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Junior Membership

Are you a student or young researcher eager to contribute to cancer prevention efforts and make a meaningful impact? Join the Cancer Prevention Institute as a junior member and play an essential role in our outreach activities! We welcome junior members from different domains/fields or background. Here’s what you can expect as a junior member:

  • Participate in the Cancerprev continuing education Seminar Series: Join our seminar series, featuring expert speakers discussing advancements and challenges in cancer prevention.
  • Contribute to CancerPrev Newsletter/Magazine: Write insightful articles and serve on the editorial board of our publications, sharing your knowledge and perspectives with a wide audience.
  • Engage with Community Outreach: Take part in community outreach initiatives such as health education workshops, cancer screening events, and awareness campaigns to promote cancer prevention in local communities.
  • Be a Mentor: Share your expertise and guide younger students interested in cancer prevention, fostering the next generation of passionate advocates and researchers.
  • Provide Input on Policy and Advocacy: Contribute to discussions and initiatives related to cancer prevention policies and advocacy, helping to shape public health strategies.
  • Create Digital Content: Help produce educational videos, podcasts, and social media content to raise awareness about cancer prevention and share your knowledge with a global audience.
  • Offer Fresh Ideas: We welcome your creativity and enthusiasm! Bring your own ideas for new activities and contributions to our mission. We value innovative approaches and are open to exploring new avenues for impact.