2021 meeting

About the meeting

Cancer susceptibility of individuals of different sex is significantly different in many cancer types and across ethnic backgrounds. The role of hormonal and genetic  differences in in cancer susceptibility and response to treatment is still poorly understood. To meet this challenge, there is an urgent need to foster interdisciplinary cross-communication efforts and train the next generation of researchers in basic and translational cancer prevention.

The meeting will be an important first to meet these challenges and serve as paradigm for similar meetings to be held in the future. It will bring together and foster communication between young researchers and world experts from various disciplines, such as epidemiology, genetics and epigenetics, cellular and molecular biology, pharmacology and clinical oncology.  As an integral part of the meeting, we encourage participation from members of the private industry sector, who can provide unique insights into translational applications and possible future developments. 

Meeting format

The meeting will be entirely in a virtual format designed to make it as interactive and informative as possible. It will be held over a week, from Monday to Friday, approximately 3.5 hours per day: 16-19.30 PM Central European Time, 10-13.30 East Coast Time and 7-10.30 West Coast Time.

There will bea professionalvirtual meeting platform, with an entry lobbyfrom which one can have access to the main auditoriumfor the lectures or an exhibit hallfor poster presentations by all participants who choose to do so. Posters will be accessible 24 hours of the day throughout the duration of the meeting and there will be direct contact information for the poster presenter to interact with the audience and possibly schedule a separate oral presentation of their work. 

Each day will be dedicated to a different topic and divided in two parts. 

General meeting sessions:Relatively short talks by invited speakers (25 minutes, including questions). All speakers are asked to present their overall researchefforts, main conclusions and take-home messages rather than experimental details and last unpublished results (better suited for a conventional meeting). 

Meet the speakers round table sessions :In an effort to foster more direct communication among invited speakers and participants, meet-the-speakers round table discussions will follow the general meeting sessions. PhD students and postdoctoral fellows are especially encouraged to participate, as well as people interested in in depthdiscussion. Depending on the number of registrations and indicated preferences, one or more parallel round tables with speakers will be arranged.

Poster presentations : We strongly encourage everybody to consider submitting a poster, even if not dealing specifically with molecular or genetics aspectsof sexual dimorphism in cancer, to give a broader flare to the meeting of importance for further developments.

There will be several poster awards, with selected poster presenters invited to give short oral presentations (5 minutes) at the last day of the meeting. Poster awards are offered by Nature Reviews Cancer,EMBO Molecular MedicineFondazione Umberto Veronesi(FUV), the International Cancer Prevention Institute(ICPI) and La Source School of Nursing.

Poster Instructions

Participants who want to present an overview of their laboratory activities and/or a specific research project should provide:

1) Poster title, name of the presenter and co-authors, logo and institution name, and a clickable website address. This can be provided as a single jpeg, word or PDF file that will be adapted by the meeting organizers.

2) A single PDF document with a graphic summary description, an abstract, individual display items and links to possible relevant publications.

3) Personal email contact information to be set up as a clickable link for the participants to contact the presenter directly and possibly schedule a video conference.For poster submission and any questions, please send directly to the meeting organizers by email at : info@cancerprev.com